The nobel peace price,
The guiness book recording,
The ascension of army ranking,
The engineering of the skyscrapping,
The science of networks,
It`s a mastermind.

Measures with exceptional accuracy,
A mission accomplished,
A well thought out piece,
A beer balanced to perfection,
Is a mastermind.

The measure twice,cut once principle,
A rule of thumb theory,
The golden rule,
A successful coup-de-tat.
An eye for an eye expression,
Is a mastermind.

The art of man-made bird,
The art of what you and i put on,
The art to differentiate between diseases,
The economic fraternity,
Numerical values and figures,
Was a mastermind.

The construction of the dictionary,
The measure of the intelligent quotient,
The dialysis and distillation systems,
These are mesmerising mastermind.



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