A stadium is packed.
A football match has started.

Thousands of eyes, with animation,
are following intently the stupid ball
with the highest concentration.
Nerves on the stretch - then and there -
intensity of high emotions is in the air.

One team is going to win at any price,
another one inevitably must lose.
One soccer player is playing by rules,
another one is spitting to the rivals` faces,
no wonder: he is the ace of aces!

The match is coming to an end.
The final hooter, a score’s announced, and...
The stadium, in wild spirits, is uttering a roar;
and thousands of crazy fits of anger
are making matchwood of the stadium door.

The wild lunatic fringe, in state of wrath,
warmed up with alcohol and drugs,
is pouring out, into the street, with wild force
of lunacy, broken loose, making
meaningless destructions without any cause.

Shop windows are broken, and
innocent cars are beaten with a heavy hand;
and on the pavement appeared spots of blood;
and people in the street, agape, are panicked.
It beats the band!


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