Lucky Clover

This place is not for me See we always disagree I'm begging to be free Wag a finger, shame on thee What values do you value? What beliefs do you follow? Damn, it's all so shallow No wonder I feel so hollow There's no sense of belonging With that my thoughts are bogging My actions are now wronging Causing chaos and evolving The pot has boiled over Bitter heat seethes from the broiler And the flames keep getting higher Douse the flames, put out this fire Who knows what's wrong or right? Lash out, attack, and bite Why's it such a rigid fight? That's why people give me fright Will I ever feel I fit? Or be one they classically omit? I guess I must admit, It all makes me wanna quit So frustration runeth over Send it over to play rover Broke right through my composure And killed my lucky clover

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