LSD Flight

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The party was like a night shift

on the line in a chicken factory -

- endless, sweaty and hostile,

disposable humanity ending in bins,

disposable dreams ending in bins


That night everybody seemed so ugly,

pathetic and fake!

So he nodded when somebody offered

few drops of acid on a sugar cube


His body was light like a halo

and he went for a little flight.

Suddenly he didn’t know

why he’d ever cared

about what other people thought and said


Now that he could fly,

he made it over the cricket pitch,

soared above the bank with brambles,

to fly over the bypass


The car must’ve been big -

- the impact was like an explosion.

His body was bound to the tarmac,

and he prayed it was just a bad trip


But the blood tasted too real.

No more boredom in his life,

no more caring and not caring,

just a big adventure called death


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