I will liberate my longing lips

When leering at His lusty limbs

That labour with a lucid liveliness,

Limning His lineaments of loveliness.

I will optimise my owed orientation 

With His overwhelming osculation

That obtains an outstanding outbreak

Of all amidst obedience and outrage. 

I will vanish within my vanilla vesture

At the view of His voluntary venture 

Where He violates a variety of vicinity,

Vaunting of His veracious divinity.

I will elevate my encroaching entity 

For the exhibition of His effigy,

Enhanced with an exquisite elegance,

Emblematic of Eros’s excellence.

I will rupture my rational reason

For the regret of rising to His region

When He wraps around me reverently, 

Romanticising His errors, but respectably.

I will shiver through my secondary skins

At the sound of His sonantal strings

That speak with such simplicity, 

To sing a song of symphony.


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