Love hurts

I’m sitting in this asylum thinking why love hurts Instead of being in someone’s arms I end up in a hearse Feeling Dead inside I’m convinced that love is a curse My heart bursts Why can’t I be her first I want something more then just some flirts I’m tired of multiple infatuations I want to connect minds and experience your imaginations I want to know more I want to heal all of your frustrations What’s your dos and don’ts, lows and highs, let me examine your heart What’s the combination This world hurts but for some reason I cannot leave it When it’s around it seems to seize all of my inner demons For a split second I begin to believe it Could this be the end of the changing of seasons Not a chance, maybe I am the reason for this grievance Maybe it’s time to change the way I see things Maybe love is something I can find Perhaps it’s something that comes in time
Love hurts

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