An unexpected loss is a blow to the face You were always around, always insight Now you act as if I don’t exist Was there something I did to cause fright I want to blame you But my mind won’t let me A brain paranoid of failure
Can do nothing but only blame me You are devil down to the soul But that’s what gets me off A constant suspense It leaves my lifestyle as stable as an old worn down fence. To everyone else, it looked o’ so perfect I couldn’t do anything else but agree with them In your mind, you were holding different meetings It would have been nice to allow me to step in for a greeting Once everything, you are now nothing It breaks my heart more than you know I'll put a happy face on as I jump saloon to saloon But you are the only one I want to let into my heart we can call a room Don’t forget me, for it is impossible to forget you Your easy-going personality will always be remembered It filled me with worry for I couldn’t tell if you didn’t care Or if your sense of caring was just impaired I'm sad, but go easy No stress Nothing to loose Now let's see what path this psychopath will choose.

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