Loose Strings

I'll set the world on fire just to ensure I'm the only one you crave, a crazed mind subliminal messaging taunts me, all i do is misbehave. its a miracle im still up straight, though my sanities to blame. Set my thought process ablaze, a social satire, excuse my feelings, my thoughts will find something to blame. Captured you both in an image and somehow physically, I need you so much even when your gone I see you vividly, I'm timedly, kicking rocks around in circles I don't know how to admit these feelings I've been concealing. i need healing, i've been dealing with battles in my head so long they shape me miserably, no positive imagery. New age pinocchio puppeted by a puppeteer, thoughts unclear, don't seem like mine. are they really sincere? Couldn't be, so nieve feels like my strings are being pulled by jepetto, cut through the things by scissors and dropped down in a dungeon in the dark below. Should I keep on fighting, or just pull this trigger and let go. Get out of this hell hole, monsters uncovered from Scooby-Doo saying rello, uncovering Hell on earth. It's been manifested, it came from what humanity deserves. Fighting amongst ourselves, its no wonder we've all been perturbed. We need to be willing to learn. Over confident with cockiness, stick a sock in it and listen a bit before i take that tounge and cut off the tip. Slip your shoes off at the door, don't forget to leave your ego with it. Erase your minds irrelevance and douse your personal blame and flame the s*it. Life is a natural risk Its not a spectators game, so conquer it. Journey through the gallows and trenches, climb barb wire fences do what you feels right forget what's now so called trending. My heart starts mending. Feeling warmer inside, a beehive. Be my queen your my righteous honey, my life's reason to strive, ill keep your honor, king me, checkmate queens locked in my mind tight. Welcome my love i'm learning to transform from the dark to the light.

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