Longing to find

I want u to know my love for u is ever so deep.

And know ill always a hold u if f u weep.

I love u more then just a friend. 

In this poem its true love I do send.

You've always stuck by my side through thick and thin.

To keep me locked away is the worlds most deadly sin.

I want to to always be at my side.

With u I have nothing to hide.

I think GOD that I have u as my best friend. 

My hearts broken but only u can mend.

I miss spending time with u.

Now I wonder do u have a clue.

That missing u has drove me insane. 

Ur so beautiful I hope ur tears a never fall like rain..

Just know ill aways be there for u.

Even in ur darkest hour ill never leave u lonely or blue. 

I am thankful for that sexy smile.

Ill hold on to this true love I know its all worthwhile. 

Ur love has been real and kind.

Thank u for this soulmate I've been longing to find.

Longing to find

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