Light of your love

Like a ship

that passes in the night

you again come in my dreams by night.

But, alas,

the dreams last not so long -

they’re carried with the morning breeze

away at dawn.

Vanishing you whisper:

"Think of me sometimes".

And only light

of your ever-present love

remains to gleam in skies.

Most likely,

it’s easy for you now to be

somewhere far away,

where you still whisper:

"Remember me

for ever and a day".

"My darling, -

I whisper in reply, -

through life’s long day

my thoughts are

with the days gone by,

where you remain

for ever in my tears,

and light of your ever-present love

does gleam a length of years".

I know,

you’ll again come in my dream,

and night shall whirl us

in its dizzy dance;

and light of our ever-present love

will stream

from the celestial skies

upon each one of us.

But, alas,

as always,

like a bird you’ll fly


through the open window

before daybreak,

and I’ll

remain in the captivity

of silence and a void,

at night,

in the space where love

did once upon a time reside.

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