Lifes Questions

Standing on the edge,

Frozen in time.

What's the safest bet,

Your life or mine.


I try and listen for an answer,

Maybe something from above.

Do I pray to the father?

Promise my soul, my love.

Or do I fly?

Can I fly to freedom?

Complete peace like a dove.


Does the word have hidden codes?

And are they meant to be cracked?

We are only human.

Should our minds carry these loads?


There's reasons for everything.

Why are we called Sarah, Joe and Ben?

Is passed really passed and future really future?

Or just one repeated present , running on an equal path?

A path to nowhere as the earth turns and turns.


So many beliefs, Gods and kings from royal descent.

The evil burns.

In a never-ending fire of our own deceit and lies.

Imagine the screams of pain,

The intense cries.


Who is he, the they, or the one?

Is it the son or the sun?


Wanting to be free,

But there's always life's questions bugging me.

These impossible codes I need to crack.

Leave me be!

For we can only live life in the "here and now".

I can only believe what I believe.

I cannot make a vow.


My thoughts blossom to humor.

For now I realize,

I need only to believe in me.

No more questions,

Just hope in the current life I lead....

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