Learn To Fly

  • Posted by: Kat Wilkes
  • Created: October 4, 2016
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I dont think u understand
And I don't think u ever will
I don't think u know who I am
Or anything I feel.
I don't think u need my hand
And I know you don't need my touch
I know its undeniable
That you don't need my love
And I see her
In ur cries
When u smile
She's in ur eyes
So stop playing games
And tell me the truth
I know u love her
And u know I love u
Its breaking my heart
To see u so sad
But ur still thinking
She's the best u've ever had
My heart is breaking
At the thought of her name
My eyes are wetter
Than a gutter after rain
And I don't understand
And I guess I never will
But its undeniable
The way u make me feel
And now I'm crying
On my empty bed
And you are flying
With a bullet in ur head...
I wish I could've kissed u
And told u how I feel
I wish I could've saved u
From the pain she made u feel
And now u can't listen
Cuz ur so far.... away
But every second
Feels like a whole day..
I miss u
And I wish I had ur touch
I love u
And I need u so much
So I'm learning
How to fly today
I'm crying
But its the only way
I don't think u understand
But maybe this way, u will
I don't think u knew who I am
Or anything I feel
So I'm...

Learn To Fly

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