Last Moment

A question i read on quora inspired me to write this one.

Question was

“if you have an hour to live what would you do, whats the last thing you want to do in life??”

I saw a dream that I have just one hour to live. I took my phone to check the time it was 6 a.m. in the morning.. Thoughts started a roller coaster ride in my mind How can I do what I want to in this little span of time.. And I wasted my big fifteen minutes in thinking what to do.. Then I left my bed festinated to my parents and touched their feet As that's the place where my soul and God meet Then I went to my terrace to view the ravishing view for the last time when I will get a chance to witness birds pantomime And then I made a concall and we the crazy cousins started a non stop talk Called us so early going for a morning walk..?? And they gave me idea what I am going to do next With some steps in nature few people on the way I met I wished them good morning with a smile and moved Returned back to home and by a letter pad I was clued Just penned down few letters for special people of my life Inserted in words all love care and apologies nothing much I could write Without wasting much time I called my friends who are just few And a little stronger flavour of friendship I tried to brew Now I prepared tea and had it with my beloved family "live the little lovely moments" sipping memories chorused cordially.. "The dream ended leaving a lot to think over" Life is so unpredictable.. wanna call a friend do it now wanna give a hug what you are waiting for wanna go for a walk take a step wanna see sunrise leave the bed..
Last Moment

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