Jerusalem For All

Ever since I was a child I've listened to the whispers, Those whispers reverberating within me. And I've submitted to these whispers during timeless moments of my life. And I became a citizen of the Eternal Realm. And during my forays in the Eternal Kingdom, I saw a new age soon to dawn upon humanity. It is the age prophesied so long ago by all religions. And I saw Jerusalem, The shining city of Zion atop a hill. But in the Eternal Kingdom it is not a city of brick and mortar, It is a city of the spirit's yearning and of effervescent light. And the whispers lingered within me. And they proclaimed, with the final trumpeting of a ram's horn, The coming Third Age, When all of the Earth will become the city of Zion, A Jerusalem spread from pole to pole, And around the great circles of our world. But before the Third Age can dawn, Jerusalem, that shining city of Zion atop a hill, must be gifted to the world, So that no one nation shall exercise dominion over it. Before the messianic age dawns the third temple must be rebuilt, But all of Jerusalem is that third temple, And the rebuilding is its gifting to the world. In the Eternal Kingdom it is not a temple of brick and mortar, That is just its shadow on the cave's wall. And once that rebuild comes to pass, Then the Third Age will explode in all directions, From out of Jerusalem, ground zero, And it will ripple across the lands and the waters, And it will reach every kingdom and every nation. It will become sharded into our shared soul, And the Third Age will then dawn.
Jerusalem For All

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