Is She different

Is she different?
She isn't, really
Her form is common
The same as every heavenly body is a sphere
There are exceptions, however
The elliptical, lob sided, and dimpled
But all inhabit the one universe
A passion not different and unfamiliar

She is governed by the same laws
But she has her own rules
Seats fill and nails are bitten off at the climax of her finale
Her performance has an unassuming start
As her play matures, her movement becomes intricate
Her tempo ever elevating with precision through a blockade of formidable opposition
Through control, agility and some elastico she beats the competition
Though some halt her unfairly
Then a momentary pause and expectation
Who will guide her home?
She glides swishly over a towering wall
Through the thick air of silence of those now at the edge of their seats
Her aimed landing is greeted with a shouting leaping ovation

She rattles goals to the joy and dismay of thousands
Look! On the mountains are the feet of one bringing good news
On her mountain is a golden foot of one bringing trophies
What she is has been called beautiful
Beauty is to one viewer's eye different
Perhaps she is different- a different beauty

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