Intelligence Kills (how my algorithm resulted in my cremation)

I, like Joan was burnt at the stake
You see we made the same mistake

To start thinking for ourselves 
And vehemently refusing to be shelved 
And muted
So we donned our armour 
And refuted 

the status quo
Which led to our woes
Accusatory labelling us ho's

Which is modern day slang for slut
A misogynists attempt to mame and cut
Us gifted few down to size
That sadly was the best they could devise

How wrong they were
We were virgins, 
purest of the pure
Our virgin concepts and unprejudiced epiphanies
Not yet raped of agency and factual analysis

 we took their slander in our stride
Mustered up our infallible  pride 

Wiped the sweat off our brow 
then fought, instead of bow
To  apathy and congenititive lethargy 
we stood opposing
whilst exposing
Blind conformity
we indeed were rarities.

Saint Joan and I 
And I'll explain to you simply why
Maslow deduced it's easier to accept a lie
Than change ones behavioural traits

so quickly core morals and rationality dissipate

Ultimately all humans want is harmony
Between our beliefs - actions and 

So It's lonely on the battlefield  fighting for truth
The dullard masses insist on a proof
Even if one knows they wrote their algorithm 
With unfaultable genius and precision

"Trust me I know Its right " I scream
"You're just too stupid to comprehend a complex theme"

So I ended up tied to a stake of wood
Burned for being too intelligent for my own good

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