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Last night I tossed and turned, My thoughts fixed on you. Remembering how you looked at me last night, The longing in your eyes, The softness of your hands. How badly I wanted to hold you, How much I needed you in my arms, How I longed to feel your lips against mine. And in your eyes, desire, love, and longing. I lay in my bed, awake, alone, Burning with desire for you and you alone. I imagine your body under mine, Kissing your soft lips and supple neck as we make love, Our bodies writhing in pleasure, Our souls on fire with passion. I imagine your hands on my back, Pulling me closer and deeper into you, Our tongues dancing together as we make love, The taste and feel of your soft, gorgeous breasts. How explosive and passionate that would be! I long for you like no other before, I love you and think of you all day long, I want you, I need you, I desire you, I wish more than anything that I could be with you! Morning is coming, another day slipping away, Knowing just how perfect we might be, The bittersweet tragedy of our love, But time waits for no one, As our time together draws closer to the end. And I would do it all over again, A thousand times with the same outcome, For every single special moment together with you, You are worth it to me, And I will love you forever. So let me just express to you, How I feel for you, what you are to me, Hoping for anything, hoping for anytime, Moments together to last me for eternity, For that is how long true love lasts. I love you MK, I want all of you, I desire you, you are my obsession, I want so badly to make love to you, More than I’ve ever wanted anything. Oh how I long for you! So remember my words when I look at you, Think about me as I think of you, Know just what I am thinking when I look at you, And never, ever forget how important you are to me. For I will love you for the rest of my days.

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