Negativity is not always overtly depressive, Positivity is not always overtly happy. Negativity eats away, piece by piece. It hides in the banal. Its disguised by layers of colour, Noise, applause. Negativity is drip fed, unnoticed. The bland The ordinary The acceptable Even the comfortable. Negativity keeps you in your place, Convinces you How good you’ve got it, Fosters no hope, Breeds joy in superficiality. Negativity is not a natural state of mind. No one wants it, yet Its continually perpetuated by those Who are blind to it. Negativity tells you that Positivity is frivolous and childish, Happy-clappy psycho-babble, Is an immense effort, an uphill struggle, A dream, stupid, deluded, unobtainable… Well, it would, wouldn’t it? Its Negative. Negativity sets you unattainable goals, Holds up a false mirror, Tells you that you need to be What you can’t be… But still you ache, drive, strive To get there, Concentrating all energy on it, To the detriment of all else.

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