Lay tracks, build roads, make new routes
make trains, buses, ships, planes
make factories, warehouses, war machines
more more more.

Plow across land, sea and ice, the stars are next
build terminals, stations, ports, massive airports
more more more.

Move ideas, money, goods
move materials, resources, people
move weapons
more more more.

All and everything are just a means to an end
don't care about people, the environment, ethics
accidents, garbage, waste, chemicals, death
just sweep it under the carpet
be blind and ignorant and be happy about it
ha ha ha!

Make money
build a massive empire
make more money
build an immense dominion
make more money
build bigger, wider, further, infinitely
isn’t progress a wondrous thing!?
a wondrous feverish thing!
a hot smoldering suffocating fantastic thing!
ha ha ha!

We are bacteria
ha ha ha!

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