In My Head

  • Posted by: Haley Mead
  • Created: November 3, 2020
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In my head there are voices Creeping crawling inside of me Get out, get out, but they just stay In the dark where I can't see In my world there is corruption Invading my territories now Push them back and they'll explode Leave them be but they won't bow In my dreams there are demons Sending shivers down my spine Scaring me into my wake Don't you worry, I am fine In my thoughts there is poison Seeping through my brain It will keep me alive To kill me once again In my mind there are fires Burning, swallowing me whole The remnants, unreadable pieces As they feast without control In my soul there is sadness Unexplainable yet still there Conqouring my everything Crushing me, with not a care In my being there are holes Letting my happiness out They tear myself apart inside Till I can only scream and shout For in myself there are problems Many that I cannot complete They rip apart my resolve What a terrible way to greet - Ghost January 22, 2019

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