I can't close my eyes,
You're stuck on my mind.
I can't fall asleep,
You're exactly what I need.

This is feeling's insane,
You're all over my  brain.
It's 2 am ,
what's happening to me?

All I can think about is your body on mine.
I'm addicted to you,
I need more time.
Our sex is like a drug,without it
I'm done.

My fingers start to move, I feel myself
It isn't the same.
I yearn for the pleasure,
That only your d*ck can measure.

It's only day one,
Three more to go.
How long can I last?
Before I explode...

The thouoght of you,
makes me so Horny.
You're sound asleep,
hope you're dreaming about me.


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