IFEDO, My love for you.. Ifedo, (who you are) You are my only problem, yet, my only solution.. Ifedo, You are the beautiful truth, and the good lie, whisper, and I shall acquiesce..Ifedo, speak! Ifedo, Oh, you are the only Lioness, roaring from the deserts of the myths, echos in the Saharas, its has created a tide in Limpopos, oh, You are final. Ifedo, You are my Apollo, the gods of music, only your song I shall dance to, please, sing.. Ifedo, Yes, you are the character, and the play, please teach me how to watch, your embellished audience, the espionage of your "imperfect perfections"..Ifedo, please, act.. Ifedo, You lie on the galaxy, amidst the spirits of the universe; beaming through the radars, just to me. You are what I seek, Ifedo, you are the way.. Ifedo, please, come Ifedo, You are Dionysus, and my soul shall drink the grasp of your wine, flowing from the sprawling Pacific, through the Mediterranean Sea, to the Limpopo Rivers.. my taste shall never quench of your wine of love.. Ifedo, I have ever loved you. Ifedo, (See, what you do) Ifedo, You put my soul to omnibus, without, I am shattered, Ifedo, see.. Ifedo, You are Athena, the gods of wisdom, you show me the way, cultivate my heart, and have made me outstanding, I am blessed with you.. Ifedo, Your innocence glitters, dazzling on me; like the twinkling stars, you make me shine. Ifedo, You have defied the Law of Buoyancy, lying uppermost the oceans, facing the sun, with your hands ever opened to embrace myself, Ifedo, you are good for me.. Ifedo, You are the angel of peace, like a compass for my soul, you shall lead me to the truth, I will acquiesce to your words, they are good for, please, Ifedo.. Ifedo, Appear! My heart trembles, off-sight you, yet, trembles, in-sight of you. You are the diaphanous to my mystery, Ifedo, please come. Ifedo, You have defied the Law of Attraction, even with my ignorance, imperfections, you have embraced me to your warms.. Ifedo, ohh.. Ifedo, You are the ears, listening in silence, only you understands the languages of my soul..Ifedo, hear me.. Ifedo (What we should do) Ifedo, I shall join you, we will sail, through the Jupiters, and in the darkest days, your innocence, and joyous heart, shall illuminate the way. Ifedo, Please, let us stay, and sing the joyous songs, make the galleries, with the powers from the pentacles, we shall reach the pinnacles. You will make the magic, you are the truth, Ifedo.. Ifedo (Why) Ifedo, Why? will the oceans reverse, amidst the forcing opposite tides, hitting its grasp, oh, I shall never defy the law of submission..promise.. Ifedo, Why? Shall I go back to my misery, where in a platter of Gold, I have found fortune, in a refilling bowl of love; you have been sent, I shall join you.. Ifedo, Why? In the Myriads, you standout, yet, innumerable.. Ifedo, I want you more.. Ifedo (What I will do) Ifedo, In the garden of the cadavers, I shall walk with you through it valleys, Ifedo, I shall not tremble with you by my side, we will conquer, Ifedo.. Ifedo, I shall strike the shadow of darkness, pick up the armor of the gods, I shall fight you, Ifedo Ifedo, In your celestial realm, I shall honour you, in your absence, I shall seek more of you, in your presence, I shall cherish you..Ifedo, it is only you, I love.. IFEDO, oohh... Written By: Okeke, Vincent Chidozie (© September, 2016.) IFEDO is an Igala word for "My Love" NB: This is not dedicated to anyone known.

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