The masterpiece of the prototype The perfection of the definition The Original from the original A fractional distillation from the crude You womb the masculine Tagged ,”weaker” mere feminine Where is thy supremacy o ye masculinity He who is to feed being fed! If she is “weaker” thou hath weak If thou hath strong ,she is strong When men faileth Deborah arose A queen bee on a rose! Adulteress! Adulteress!!” A scornful act O you murderer,why the act We tangled,we mingled now I’m single Dumped in despair,thou disappeared Show me an adulteress without an adulterer Yet you held a stone ready to cast What a prejudice and a height of injustice In the pool of blood a night of horror In pain bleak of gain a birth of warrior Now he flexes his vein, her pain but vain As she slides by his sword to her grave She is mother Why did you murder? Your greed for power in Sudan Your lust for pride in Iran Jeopardize this special specie A dove and a harmless SHE If she is weaker thou hath weak If thou hath strong she is stronger

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Dreams, desires, id and ego.


Dreams, desires, id and ego.


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