I Will Not Be Beaten

Personal Experience

Staring into the sunlight and the moonlight it feels the same and are bound,

Listening to the silence or the hustle and bustle will I be found,

Caring for someone with all and everything so profound,

Heart beat slower or faster even faint still there is a sound,


Through torment and torture, I will not be beaten,

Whipped and scared for blindness in love,

Sacrifices made in vain I will not be beaten,

Squeezed in life’s vice with immense pressure from above,

It needn’t be complicated in the simplicity of life,

All the should haves and could haves meaningless,

As if my evenings were shared with the sun … such a contradiction,

Blood flows the path that water knows yet its meaning merely ignored,



Kick me to the floor and beat me senseless and I will not be beaten,

Draw every last drop of blood as if I were stone and I will not be beaten,

Gouge out my eyes so I can no longer gaze at you and I will not be beaten,

Rip out my heart and feed it to the lies and I will not be beaten,



On this path that I thought I would be one comparative to where I am…. Lost,

Direction is merely the idea of where you think you belong yet …. Bitter frost,

Fate or no fate does it really matter when human nature is to feast like animals,

Changing our stripes to suit others is totally selfish wanting this expectation,



Determination must fester inside me or it will all be lost but I will not be beaten,

Faith breathing through the poisonous reality of this life but I will not be beaten,

Motivation needs to be the only constant because anything else kills but I will not be beaten,

3 beautiful souls that feed my will and focus will prevent me from being beaten,



So in all honesty I will not be beaten,

Bruised and torn into pieces but not beaten,

There is one way for this and it’s all I have left I can’t afford to be beaten,

I will not be beaten, stand with me, support me and motivate me or stay the hell out of my way …..


I will not be beaten…………………


I Will Not Be Beaten

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