I see nothing, but a dry expression

I see nothing, but a dry expression! The spring that was once in your eyes Has no affection nor reason to corrupt what you dignify The heart can ascend to limits unfathomable However you look at me as if I am deranged I see nothing, but a dry expression! Where was once the love that danced with the rain My heart sings for a touch with a drop of laughter But it seems as if you have lost all sense of logic Where was once your smile that I called summer I see nothing but a dry expression! By bad lingers dry, with no love to wet it Do not let this heart linger with depression Do you confuse me for them? I am no man who smells the flowers then departs As if on a journey to seek meaning in existence My life is already a complete art I see nothing, but a dry expression! Has your heart fallen like the autumn foliage? Would you rather die with your dignity Where is it? Your childish sanity Day and night exist only to time our deaths Don't let your naivety act as your saints Don't let your dignity blind you from experience Abandon that mask of a dry expression! Our warmth shall embrace action Your vanity shall rot away And with it comes along affection Abandon the mask of a dry expression!

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