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I had a very dark moment, and I just had to write down my feelings. P.S. It's not my most polished work…

They say sadness is the worst,
but how can anything be worse than nothing?

This emptiness inside,
this numb feeling.

I try to fill myself up,
to feel something inside.
I intoxicate my blood.

But, nothing!

No feeling appears…

I am trapped.
My heart beats fast,
as I inhale – short of breath.

I explore this dark cave,
as I slowly swallow all the bitterness of this cruel world.

And, for a moment I sense happiness.
It showers onto me like autumn rain.

I feel your hands on my waist,
but as I turn around to look at you – you disappear.

I bite my lips, staring at the nothingness.

My skin – so cold.
My soul – so damaged.
My heart – so fragile.

It’s not you the one that upsets me.
It’s me!
It’s not me – because, I am only an imagination.

I am not real,
I am not me.


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