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They say sadness is the worst,
but how can anything be worse than nothing?

This emptiness inside,
this numb feeling.

I try to fill myself up,
to feel something inside.
I intoxicate my blood.

But, nothing!

No feeling appears…

I am trapped.
My heart beats fast,
as I inhale – short of breath.

I explore this dark cave,
as I slowly swallow all the bitterness of this cruel world.

And, for a moment I sense happiness.
It showers onto me like autumn rain.

I feel your hands on my waist,
but as I turn around to look at you – you disappear.

I bite my lips, staring at the nothingness.

My skin – so cold.
My soul – so damaged.
My heart – so fragile.

It’s not you the one that upsets me.
It’s me!
It’s not me – because, I am only an imagination.

I am not real,
I am not me.


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  1. Hands give many meaning lowliness to the end of our life sadness something moves us will it ever put a smile back on our face hands to
    meet a certain quality that has your beat

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