I am a child

I am a child

These eyes have seen things

Both beauty and sadness

These eyes have watered tons

Yet I am still a child

Beyond my years I’ve seen plenty

Things ought to have been shielded

In window of my soul they’re written

Inscribed in the book of my memories

Dare not look away from my plight

Though troubled by time am still a child

Take a closer look beyond the glassy walls

I am a child in need of love and care

Throw me not crumbs and pained looks

These only last till your smile narrows

Turn not your back and walk away

Take my hand lead the way home

I am a child in the midst of chaos

Yet peace dwells in my pleading eyes

Dare not tarnish my innocence

I come to you as a child

At night I succumb to nightmares

Tis the atrocities that no child ought to know

Behind these innocent walls of my eyes

Lies secrets forever hidden


picture below by verycoolphotoblog.com

I am a child

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