Human Virus

Pile on the mash potatoes, the meat and the spinach
Till it spills over the sides of the plate, im full i cant finish
An hour later i reach into my glutenous stash
Eat 5 pieces of candy, thats 5 pieces of trash
When my garbage is full i put it on the street to be taken
I think this is the end but im sadly mistaken
Little do i know every time that i eat
I add to the pile collecting under my feet
With all of this in mind i go and waste still
Its only a matter of time before every canyons a landfill
I then call up my friends tell them meet me at a car race
Thats 4 different people all driving to the same place
We sit around the track and cheer our favorite player
But not one of us looks up at the broken ozone layer
I get home soon after to my house shining bright
Theres not a person in the house but i left on every light
I go inside to shower, my body feels shot
While i brush my teeth i leave the water on, so it can get hot
I stand in the shower and ponder my day
Unaware of each gallon thats floating away 
All clean warm and tired i get into bed
Yet i cant sleep because of what i see in my head
All i see is  waste everywhere that i roam
I then come realize im killing my home
So while we lob bombs at each other over pitiful banter
Just know that earth is a body and we are the cancer
And it does not matter who has the best or the most 
Because only one will survive the virus or the host

Human Virus

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