How to love as a sapiosexual in 2020.

How to love as a sapiosexual in 2020. “A person who finds intelligence sexually arousing.” Let me explain 2020, what a spontaneous world we live in. Where love is now conveyed via a message, full of uncertainty and toxicity. A quick swipe to the right, dictates whether you “like” someone enough to give them your “heart.” How can I love in 2020? My love is seen too “deep,” too “old,” too “dreamy.” I am told to kiss goodbye to a love lasting forever. 2020, I yet have to find love. 22 years I have spent searching And to find out I am a sapiosexual. In 2020. My soul needs a man who can elevate me mentally, a man who can become in sync with my thoughts. A man who wants to fix the world we live in and leave footprints in the earth together. A man who can see past my face and my body. A man who can love my mind. My heart. My soul. My aspirations. My flaws. My strengths. My smell. My everything. 2020, what happened to deep connections? Pure, beautiful and indescribable synchronisations? I find myself struggling to “love” somebody in 2020. I am hungry, my soul is deprived from realness. I need to feed the inner “me” in 2020; Intellectually. Spiritually. Mentally. Physically. Sexually. Since when did we stop getting aroused by the way a person speaks to your heart, to your mind and to your soul? I guess in 2020 huh. If it looks good enough for the “gram” that’s what matters right? But all I can do is try. To love somebody in 2020. 2020, allow me to connect with my future lover intellectually. A lover that can challenge my mind, heart and soul. Someone I can stay up with, all night exploring the universe. Someone I can exchange a spiritual journey with. I feel tired, sometimes I even feel lost. Having endless, meaningless transactions and irrelevant conversations. I guess 2020 made it hard being a sapiosexual trying to find an infinite love. I ask 2020, to feed our souls with overwhelming REAL ASS connections. My belief is that we were created in pairs, look around; everything comes in two’s. Swiping right in 2020, is that how I am supposed to find my soul mate? To my future lover, wherever you may be. Know that I want to connect with your heart, your soul and your mind. That inner self you’re scared of showing in 2020; believe people like US still exist. Who yearn for true, speechless love like we see in movies? REAL Connections like Yin & Yang. Synchronisations like the sun and the moon. We exist. I know loving you will be different, I will prove that in 2020, as a sapiosexual I have found my soul mate. I have no idea what you’ll look like, let alone be like. Or smell like. And all I know is that I’ll love you as a sapiosexual and your mind and your soul will be enough. And I am just here, somewhere in the universe, knowing I am geometrically connected to you. Trying to find love in 2020 as a sapiosexual. A mind and soul will hold me forever. So, I will rest now, I am content. Asia Sharif ©
How to love as a sapiosexual in 2020.

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