How Do You Un-love a Child?

HOW DO YOU UN-LOVE A CHILD? (4.1.19) How do you un-love a child? Is there really a possible way? You bring them on earth and protect them, Yet toss them away some day. You’d die for their safety and keep them from harm, rock them till their tears are all dry. But next thing you know, they no longer matter, I’m confused and don’t understand why. They are part of your life and the air that you breathe, the connection is real and it’s strong. Yet somewhere down the road, you no longer care, It all sounds so sad and so wrong. I ask myself often, what could my child do, to make me leave him behind. I search for the answer, but become so confused, there’s no possible reason I find. A child is the ultimate gift from God, sent from the Heavens above. Each one is special and locked to our soul, there is no way to end the love. It goes on forever, till our heart stops beating, love flowing in our veins and our blood. How can you turn off such a powerful force? Leave it buried and covered with mud. A real human being does not have that power, to cut off their love for their child. The only live being that could have such strength, is some monster, insane and gone wild.

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