“HOW COULD I”       Ogbenigho A. Godstime


How could I,

The founder of the beads,

Spouse of sacred soil,

Mover of her beauties.


How could I, not bookworm,

Non educationally addicted.


How could I,

Who gaze at moons and sunny days whispers,

And warm winds mood, and fairy tales twisters.

Always all a day adoring the skies mystery,

Which even Stone Age man can’t explain

Instead forge hue upon her beauty

Yet then waits for drops to exceed greens on plain.


How could I

Find rose in a damsel rude.

Balancing creature but rude.

Beauties are rude, perplexing

And ill-mannered.

Uglies  are calm, simple

And well-mannered.


How could I give my only pearl

To the beauty!

And hope to her glittering?

Whenever care so neglects her in apt coldness

And ever hath utter to me madness in boldness

The pearl breeds bleeds;

Oft has thou detached thyself.

Oft had I endeavored soar searched.


Am lost in consolation,

The earth has a game

Which I don’t know neither does the fays.


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