Hope Its Enough

Love not defined by dollar signs but by the signs that lights up rooms and replenish thirst.
I am thirsty as the emptiness of these bed sheets haunt me.

As these rumors taunt me.

I ask you to give me a gulp of what I need.
On my knees i ask you, as I give to you every ounce of me.

I want no one but you as I'm dry, my phone dry and the elements of the wind dry out my eyes.
I can't cry, I am exhausted by the amount of progress not made because the transgressions have made us distance from what we crave.
We can't love, we must quickly engage in the for filament that leaves me in a daze.

No work no phone, all I care about is you are who I'm on.
No relaxing just bickering on what's not passing, right, or better yet how much we are tired of the fight to be around what gave us hope, each other.
To say I don't love you no more would never leave my lips as I drown in sorrow what woman would be stupid enough to say they don't want a king anymore.
To say I am leaving would only hurt my ambitions of my being. But is that enough to keep you happy.

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