1.    You’ve been suffering for long

As you wade through the storms of life’s highway

More might appear ahead but ever let them pull you under

You’ve just got to be strong

Troubles and trials come but not to stay

You see men lax behind; you almost dream of sweet surrender

Hold on to the line

Chorus:     Don’t give up

You’ve been holding so fast for so long

With a grip like an eagle’s hold strong

Twill soon be the dawn of your morn

Never give up the fight just hold on

2.    You’ve just got to get(got to get there)

So trudge along with determination

You where ordained for this right from the start of God’s creation

You need someone to (someone to care)

And urge you unto great expectations

The Great I AM is there, He’ll see you through and so will His son

And the spirit divine

Chorus: So don’t give up


As you rely upon His holy word;

Eternal glory you shall gain

And when He crowns you as your great reward

You’ll know your labours weren’t in vain

Transpose to G

Chorus: So don’t give up....     END

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