Hic Cups

I write much hic cup ado

   About nothing, which involuntary explosive release

   comes clear out of the hic cup blue

nary a sponge bob square pants handy dandy bellows clue

   where in tarnation this uncontrollable bout

   jarring the body electric hic cup do

   why such physiological spasmodic trembling whacky

   baa closure of glottis hic cup ewe

moost likely find annoying as this hic cup ping buck feels few

breaths short of taking drastic action

   like hic cup swallowing glue

as an extreme solution per tha series

   of being held hostage hoo

   dee knee probably lacked escapist artist skills

   even if he trundled to an igloo

   to emergency room of a hospital or veterinarian

   such hic cup caterwauling catering to gentile cat or Jew

   lean, thus, time and again when said hic cup affliction

   holds me hic cup ransom knew

   does drive me towards acts of desperation

   such as sticking ma head in the loo

   which bizarre blitz krieg reaction on par with holding

    out an appetite until famished for moo

Goo guy pan in mixed with a delicious bowl of new

dulls steeped in broth or an island delicacy renown on Oahu

even this atheist would ask for salivation praying a pew

whereby sound of silence echoed by hic cup right on queue

when nary a burble until reach that amen hic cup rue

stubbornly persists, no matter trying to suppression sue

per upsurge of diaphragm, a diabolical force forcing air thru

nasal passage and/or mouth oft times faintly resembling a u

ca  lay lee with a snort accompanied no doubt by a voodoo

Practitioner…until…at last whew

hic cups stop as mysteriously as they started

   bringing relief to this caged primate in a zoo.







Hic Cups

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