He is King

its always a accident with you or you didnt mean it 

you know my heart when i gave it to you how i feel

you mean the world to me still my angel my rock nothing can

be wrong in the eyes of my husband my husband is pure and truth

he speaks loud and is outspoken he doesn't like people but can hold

a intelligent conversation he's sweet and a gentleman and a provider for his wife and 

family but loves god first hes the light in the sky when my days are blue

hes the hero at night when the enemy is near hes my cuddling teddy when im cold

strong arms and protector when im afraid besides god and our children i'm number 1 in his books

he walks this world as if its his own and hes the warrior of my throne i am his queen that came from his rib without a king's queen he has nothing but he is still a king

He is King

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