greatest future

The worst thought that flows into a man's head is how the future will be, A man with a plan has hope,a confused man seeks happiness in things that lasts for awhile as the future brings out the fear in them, The real world makes us realize that the greatest tool for one to survive the future is a plan, Yet the same principle is contradicted in the bible as it says ""Don't worry about tomorrow ."" This leaves me with the fear that grasps me about the future, As the same belief is contradicted by this " Not planning is planning to fail." but the gift of free will gives the assurance that if we just follow what we want you shall get it but apparently eliminating the time factor as the only thing that stands between us and our dreams is us ourselves but a certain judge said to a contestant that it wasn't meant for everyone no matter how hard we try as cold as it was it had some truth so the only thing that stand between us and the things we want is not us but the positions we are required to be filled in this life as everyone has a position to fill to keep and maintain the balance The future is evil, Everyone wants a future entailing the good life,which entails wealth,the wealth is not wealth without money, Money does not control everything around us but it controls the demons within us. We plan to have a better future which doesn't include poverty. So a man who do not plan is not planning to fail but planning to be poor,failure is associated with poor,the misfortunes,the misfits, One rapper once said "rather be dead than broke" in simple words he would rather die than to be considered a failure in life, so the greatest fear in our human lives is about the money in the future and how it is possible not have it, so we all plan to be rich,in as many different way as possible,these ways defines who we are. We are planners,so the society is actually the same when you look at what they want to achieve but in the same sense it is different according to what we are doing to achieve our awaited good life. So the world we are living is just a mirage of what we want to see,clearly seen in the world of fashion,the fashion today will be ancient tomorrow but in the future it will be vintage once again accepted as new fashion, Perhaps we will realize in the end that everything we considered great was all in vain, So greatness is not those who will follow their dreams and achieve them but those who live forever that is the greatest future.

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