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It was at about the age of twenty 

When I was pondering the holy trinity

And it all seemed a little ridiculous to me

The thought of one holy entitie

And as the years went on This girl came along

From across the pond

With a belief system

That was all kinds of wrong


She said you know what? for an atheist you're not what I expect

I said funny, for an idiot you're exactly what I expect

You lack common decency At every single step

And anything you don't agree with

You simply won't respect


You told me that all gays are evil

And that Colbert is the devil

That Obama is a Muslim

And that there's one god not several

You came from a rib

Just like every woman did

They teach this shit to little kids

And I find it fucking baffling



I'm not calling you an idiot 

Because you've found religion

I just kinda feel sorry for you

Because it clearly wasn't your decision 

Your parents had laid the foundation, years of strategic plantation, that homosexuality is the groundwork of Satan



Go cry me some holy water

And then come back and regurgitate the nonsense

That your parents taught ya

And don't even begin To listen to my opinion

Your truth may be your truth But it ain't what I'm feeling



If you believe in a higher power, the last Thing I'm going to do is look down on you

I'm happy that you found whatever it is that helps you get through

The day to day strain life truly can be tough

So whatever keeps you sane That's surely enough



It's not enough for you fucking people is it?

You've gotta stamp your feet and make the loudest noise, then people will know that your point is valid 

Lie and cover up the molestation of young boys, then have the audacity to rule over who can get married


Don't even begin with "it's gods word" Ok? Here's a deal you go find a picture of god I'll go find a picture of batman whoever gets back to this point first wins the argument


You have the audacity to look at me like I'm a fucking asshat

Because I find it more likely

That a nightly vigilante

Fights crime as a Bat

Instead of believing in your 6 days of creation and all that

And I could almost hear a pop

As air entered the vacuum

That your body mass occupied only a nanosecond earlier

Before I took the time to remind you

That your religion is a re do, of a religion that's a re do, of a religion that's a re do, of a...... 

I could repeat myself for hours If you really want me to do

If that's what I need to do to get through I'll fucking scream it until I turn blue


I stroke my beard and stare off into the distance

And wonder

If history will even stoop to acknowledge your existence

Or would you fade away no memories would stay

Or on this world would you leave a permanent stain

But I guess what I'm trying to say

At the end of the day

Is Please

Please don't have children

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