Out in the distance they appear

Eyes close and the get near

Wishful thinking would leave them in the past

It really is just wishful thinking

She's my focal point

Hoped to hear she moved far from here

Hope I went unnoticed

But then again I went as such for the last couple of years

Am I bitter?

Well of course

She represents the obstacles I pushed past

The emptiness from yesteryear

The memories that lead me to where I am today

Nothing but a hallucination

A distant memory that decided to reel it's way around the corner

I'm choosing to enjoy these ghosts from the past

Therapeutic feel now that I'm ahead

I was left as the last

Soon I'll be the lead of the pack of the misfortunate

This strive for greatness is now the strive for joy

I am freed

Yet, I still am confronted by the ghosts

Ghosts that bring forth the memories of anger and depression

Ghosts that bring for the the reason I've worked hard

I won't be one to shy away from these memories and thoughts

But never will I stay to speak with the ghosts of yesteryear.

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