Future Ahead


I promise that I'm improving

Getting better as the days turn

Lower than 6 feet beneath the surface

I've lost my mind

Gone deeper into suppressive thoughts

I promise that I'm getting better

The days fall in line

Routines that never change and extend

Dreams of cutting this life short

Drifting into the harmed me

I promise that I'll leave behind a masterpiece

Few people that say I'm doing incredible

The one of the billions

Standing my own, aside a sea of doubt

Reasons to believe, like Chaucer, I'll begin the new phase of writing

I promise the next years ahead will be more meaningful than the latter years

Never reaching the heights of John Milton

No more creative and outspoken than Aphra Behn

New insights to the heartbreak the likes of Samuel Daniel

Letting her know she'll be as eternal as Shakespeare's Sonnet 18

I know I can leave behind a wonderment for the future to admire

The power of words like Queen Elizabeth

The form of Sir Philip Sydney

The exposed love of John Donne

The hope of endearment as Mary Wroth

I promise that I'm improving

Utilizing the past as a stepping stone of expression

Each tear will amass an unforgettable speech

Tones will touch the inner soul of the heartless

Words as concrete as a woman's beauty in the natural light

I promise that each poem will last amongst the gods of the written skies

Age shall be a number by which greatness will matter not till the ends of each sunset and sunrise.

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