Fragile Fire

I live in Orlando Florida, so I wrote this to express the pain that we all felt in the city after the 2016 Pulse shooting. It was my way to express some of the emotion that I had.

Cold winter night, hands freezing in the wind A little fire burns, faint and dim Blow to keep it going, stop its decline Frostbitten fingers need it, the warmth sublime   Battle for the fire’s life bringing light Do not let it fade softly into the night Fan the flame, at least a bit more Make it rise and blaze, make it roar   The effort seems futile, hope fades “Gather more sticks,” the adventurer bades “Hope against hope, you may be rewarded” They strained, far more than could be afforded   Dimmer still the fire glows The party’s spirit shrinks to a low Fear creeps in as they huddle round That they be lost forever, never found   Panic sets in, as the last flame dies Gone are the friendships, the adventurer ties Only terror, and the dark night The wish to run, but cold holds them tight   Now only one ember glows in fragile fire And slowing hearts make the situation dire Last frosted breaths enter the air The last ember dies, none left to care.  

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