Fork Git About Spooner Hiz ham


Perchance yar juiced a young man or woman 

maybe born, bread and raised in the city that never sleeps

and as a loyal son or daughter take a tram 

to enjoy a tasty repast with widowed momma,

cuz eve since da papa passed away....

a futile attempt made to fill that void

awash with more'n than half a century of wedded bliss, 

whereat purposelessness pervasive

per surviving mother, who feigns happiness, regales others 

with showers of affection, and remains active feeding her avocation

comprising striving and succeeding to be adept within the culinary arts

thru self taught trials and errors of brave taste testers 

(which guinea pigs ought to get medal of honor for bravery),

though her exemplary cooking reputation exceeds five star Michelin rating  

through meticulous and exacting measured ingredients,
she glides within the kitchen

howsoever occasionally, a fork or spoon slips to the floor

which inexplicable gravitational alchemical phenomena 

fuses separate piece of cutlery into one eating implement
whereupon a dead reckoning takes shape, that "mum" 
might be in mortal danger per inconspicuous cooking tool
whence ya stop SnapChat tin and shutterfly as greased BuzzFeed

twittering like a bat out of hell -
ya swoop down smash mouth facebook first
presaging a fatality viz zit ting upon the head of mum
(her christened name Chris Anne thumb - 

the last appended word linked with her diminutive size)

who intently engrossed, keenly self absorbed,
and rapt attentively with tasks at hand

most likely oblivious to potential safety dukes of hazard 

as a benevolent offspring temporarily
take instagram reprieve, and utilize fancy footwork

tote hilly tubularly re: turn to counter poise vis a vis match less laws of physics 

whereby toe tulle lee tubular kickstarter antics applied

to kindle hurly burly gnarly flatware bach up 

adjacent to state of the art beet oven
which upright pedal poised pose like leverage incorporates 

quickly donning improvisational 

make shift faux cuirass with suitable culinary accoutrements
stringing together various geometrical metal trays and tin pot for helmet
whereby a strategic stance thence established, 

where inert stainless steel buff foon glaring spork

would be forced to take tailspin upwards, 

whence fingers grab innocuous lethal weapon,

which self entertainment learned while stationed in a rack 

run amuck mess hall rowdiness taught said table mannered tricks 

magic moment imitating hotmail -
glorified footlocker earthlinked craft, 

where whatsapp tinder penned didst 
inviting Barrack Obama to zap hiz frankfurter foot, 
when he made a syrup prize visit nobly endeavoring without evincing 

Auld trump petting donning shoe purr action

trained first with dominant topface toes 

alternating with recessive opposing shod totally tubular taps 

until fancy footwork became ambipedal

balancing ball of left or right foot atop tine
or dish of fork or spoon respectively

as stray stainless steel ware defying gravity

gracefully leapt - somersaulting in a pirouette pinwheel linkedin arc

tine and/or miniature shovel scooper over handle

kin ur pinion (all things considered) an eye opening experience

and the simple pleasure one can derive from practicing strategy

trigonometry, spatial relations.






Fork Git About Spooner Hiz ham

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