Forgive me

Give me Your ears!Ye..s!

Grant me (come on!) Your heart;Now!          

Then permit me perhaps to be

Your heart's hour Reporter-just this once,please?


For for this very time

was I brought up

-at such a desperate time as this.

To live and never to set sail in dust.


Does the pain tell so hard 

You're called to bear?

Here!Hear my story,

travailing as a seed of Destiny. 


For I myself had not thought much of this 

save that it stared me in the eye.

Why ?

You can say boldly,I AM THE AVATAR!


So for You,why die over spi(l)t milk

seeing Many'd not give it a revisit?

You say her haughty hips h(a)unt,making your heart skip

but,is it truly your Life's worth?


Today's a sad one for me-can't lay my hand on anything,sush grief!

For soon,I'd be so gone.

Or is life worth living without living One's dreams?

I rather go,it's getting so late and scary....

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