Forgive and Forget

You made bad decisions and decided to drive. You weren't mentally there, But you said it was fine. I've done this before, You said to them all. Never expecting, You would crash with that wall. You fell asleep on the road, and didn't see it coming. The wall coming towards you, Or the man out running. A man with two kids, And no wife to be seen. She had just passed away, From a terrible disease. Death took two lives, and left two stranded. A little boy and girl, That were now left abandoned. Now that we're older, and learned to forget. We remember that day, But we are never upset. God wanted my dad, And my mom left too. How can we be mad? If those are his rules. I still have my brother, and he has me too. We will always have each other, What more can we do. We can seek revenge, and make that guy pay. For taking my dad, On that horrible day. But what good does that do, It would just make things worse. So, we learned to forgive, and never wish for the worst. So, with this story, I give to you all. Please don't drink and drive, Because death will just call.
Forgive and Forget

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