For Her

Your lips so flexible and red,
the idea of kissing you is fixed in my head.
Your good looks so clear and warm,
shinning from side to side the darkest storm.

Your eyes shine like VIP in the dark sky,
when I watch into them I sense like I am soaring high.
My worship for you is pure and true,
I by no means discontinue thinking of you.

The noise of your voice saying "I care for you" makes my heart pound
since I knew I'd really found my one and only.
I swear to love you for each second of forever
and after everything also falls down, I will never.

I am your shield to defend you from harm,
like you are to me, a blessed charm.
For you are my compassion, my soul,
baby, you are my entire world.

by Michael Obed *Humility Mike)

For Her

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