Fleshed Out Pain Killer

Stuck in a tree Transient day Everlasting night Stray at bay Hiding in fright Nest made just for me Go away only crowds stay Far from ever constant right Blank faces have nothing to say Fresh shed we're forever Red constantly bright Will we stay together Where's my needed warmth No use Missing bed opposite I think I want to be abused Electronic sponge Will you find me my love Should I take this bullet Tattered tounge Where have they gone Unfamilar voice Ears missing tounge sticking I'm at their plead Left to be pricked Never ending cycle Where have they gone My warmth has gone missing Can't even be known as dead

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This peom is about a woman in my life, who is suppose to be there for me but is not.


Dreams, desires, id and ego.


Dreams, desires, id and ego.


This poem is about our failure to feel fulfilled by our constant consumption of life.

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