First Time

  • Posted by: Paola S
  • Created: November 27, 2017
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  For once in a long time , in a way I knew what it was to love... And if I ever told you that I was into you like no other then I never meant it I never knew at that time what it was to actually love someone regards the way they look If I ever told you that I wanted to spend my life with you, then I wasn't thinking with my heart And if I ever told you that I enjoy talking to you everyday then I wasn't speaking with the true For the first time,  I have fallen for someone who is probably farther then closer For the first time, I knew that feeling of butterflies when you get to see them For the first time, I wasn't lying to myself or to anyone I felt that happiness and joy every time we laugh at each other Or those reckless last minute hang outs, how can I forget? Or those phone calls where it would be completely silent at one point and then just weird conversations just like the weird people we are I wont forget the first time we spend time together and I know I wanted this forever, but I know it's time to let you go| As much as it hurts, we were never meant to be And if it was then I hope you come back and it's not too late..  

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