Fifth Night

Fifth Night   -  Austin Ogbenigho Odiri

O’ how old was the night

I do not know

Except that fire eked out bright

Except that like lawless state

Deracinate her saints

Eroded on errands at Euboea

Always celebrated in shoveled shadows

To beggars derailing progress given

I have been far from earth

Either had been

Sleeping in steaming sea or air

My throat sated of songs

I volume null more

But these “tan li gere”

Suffusing banes are groping blinding

As raindrops or thunderstorms

Suffocating gales

Or as shoal of poppies

As they tarnish beggars and good men

Bit by speed

In this sea we wait awhile

Eros I tell you;

When we had liberty ends our loving

And tempered are eyes hoping

Single aim united us multi destroyed us

Almost circa fifty-nine birthday megs

My state has let on her legs

To walk herself

Yet acrid nectar we occupied

Diop whom candles shadows

Of love and hope

Ogbenigho that beginning of wealth

Is the beginning of death

O’ who shall ask, who shall ask?

“Why I sleep in sea or air?

Or why heads sleep up and wake up

In another fifth night

More fretted of her approaching light

With onion and scourge

And sooner

Hunter’s cries upon the snakes

The snakes upon the eggs

The eggs against themselves

Then some shall sleep,

Some shall suffer

And more tankers and bloods

Than ever re-brought


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