Fevered Dream

Fevered Dream

Flood of time through my veins 

Until all is lost, nothing remains

Streams of words like creche

Like razor burns on my flesh

Stories that must be told

As to me they did unfold

Down the great gloom forecast over me

Through the spinning cycles of centric commonality

Brides of unknown origins walk the aisles

Digging deeper through mystic wiles

Fanning the flames of a long ago fire

Widening portals of everlasting desire

Longing for the happy days of yore

When distant nightmares are no more

Drafty cauldrons bubbling in the breeze

Hanging spider webs from barren trees

Spill the virgins on the westward moor

As the bloody rain begins its downward pour

Life in doubt is better off naught

Hounds in a low cast shadow trap caught

Memories gone forever in a stupor to save

Buried deep in a shallow crowded grave

Fire in the woods crisscross

Ashes of memories lost

Dance fiery ballerina for me

Flames jumping tree to tree

Smokey past up in flume

Remains of a forest doom

Lashed by a wicked tongue

A song by a cruel whip sung

Pain overspills from a deep cup

Poison I drink sip by sip I sip it up

Brought low to the valley shore

Set adrift on a raft alone forever more

No reason to go home again

All I once had is now all gone in the end

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