Faces n places

Faces and places Faces and places, places and faces Men fighting war men wearing braces Thunder and lightning so very frightening What do we do ? What is this world comming too Tsunamis around us it's comming fast ! Finish your vodka and make it your last We sit in our houses nice and cosy you say but all around us is chaos and disarray The world is a strange place I know that I see Nature is strong stronger than me What can I do only sit here and wait I'm the only survivor most are at heavens gate Thank you lord for giving me My life my strength for the world to see Faces and places is what I see Faces disappear and then there's just me Places are ruined with natures force I'm sat here watching and full of remorse Faces and places are in my memory Created from birth for me to see My mind is a camera flashing in front of my eyes My mind is still no flash in sight My mind is at rest now Night night night night Author D Sinclair

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