Everything Was okay..

Everything was okay.. Everything was okay, until I laid my head to sleep. I thought I’d cleared the depths of hell, but then I woke up in the flames. There she stands, clouded with hate. Desperate to slip up, and feel the high. She looks just like me, only skinnier, and more sick. On her throne she fixes up her poison, Mixes, stirs and cooks. I would scream for help, but the truth was; I didn’t want to be saved. In the mirror, she ties herself up. Teeth pulling her shoelace tight all the way around , She looks in the mirror once again, and takes a deep breath. She flicks her bright blue veigns, and shoves the needle in. A vibrant red tunnel starts to fill inside, she's hit! She uses her thumb to quickly shove it all back into her veigns. She presses her back against the bathroom door, And admires the beauty of the sound of the bathroom fan. The constant sound of it rings in her ears. Her lips tingle and they taste like the raw she just took, Heart beating so fast, she barely caught her breath, Throat overwhelmed with the cooling, yet numbing taste that the coke had produced. For eight short minutes, she felt relief and then, she woke up.
Everything Was okay..

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